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Mudenda proposes cellphone ban in Parliament

Speaker of Parliament  Advocate Jacob Mudenda called for a cellphone ban at the committe citing how distracting they were during cabinet meetings.

Advocate Mudenda said “I shall persuade the committee on standing rules to ban cellphones in the House. There are no cellphones during Cabinet. There are no cellphones in the judiciary services. Why should we use them in Parliament? You underestimate your importance, you should be attentive 120 percent whether I am there or not. Wherever you go, whether you are meeting the public or not your attention should be 12  percent. That’s the new mathematical coding I am giving you”.

The speaker also said that he hoped the habit of tweeting during parliament sessions will stop as many politicians have taken to tweeting, and even recording videos during parliament sessions  and posting them online. This tweeting is said  disturb away MPs from their duties.

An arguement  was raised by one of the members which stated that the cellphones are good tools to research for debate during sessions.

Mudenda acknowledged that the ban would be informed by what happens in other countries, meaning if other countries don’t have a cellphone ban he might end up putting the idea altogether.

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