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Pastor Evan speaks after Chikurubi release

Zimbabwe self-styled Pastor Evan Mawarire was yesterday released from custody in Chikurubi and he is yet to go before the court of law as he facing charges of trying to eradicate a constitutionally elected government.

Speaking after his release Mawarire said that he is praying for the innocent men he had left in the Chikurubi maximum prison.

“After 2 weeks of imprisonment in Chikurubi maximum security prison I was released earlier this evening on stringent bail. My prayers are with innocent men brutalized still in Chikurubi along with three 16 year old boys. Pray for Zimbabwe. Can’t thank u enough for your support”

“This night I’m deeply pained by the remaining men in the prison of which most of them have been brutalised and were brought to prison some of them have beaten broken bones and some are children who are as young as 16 years. Many were taken from their homes and were even beaten before been handed to the police.”

Mawarire’s arrest comes following three days of protests against hiked fuel prices in Zimbabwe.

In April 2016, Pastor Mawarire caused controversy when he draped himself in a Zimbabwean flag and railed against the government in an online video. During that time, he started a movement, #ThisFlag, which hopes to end corruption and bring transparency and accountability to the government.

Mawarire was also detained in July 2016 for “inciting public violence” but was released a day later after public pressure.

Security forces in Zimbabwe have been battling protesters in its two main cities since Monday. They are protesting against a government decision to increase fuel prices in the country.


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