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Paul Mwazha turns 100


The African Apostolic Church (AAC) founder Bishop Paul Mwazha turns 100 today and is celebrating his birthday at his homestead in Hatfield, Harare.

Mwazha was born in Chirumanzu on the 25th of October in 1918 and is referred by his congregants as “Mutumwa” a name that matches his assignment of being called by God to preach the gospel. A close said that he rose from death after he died of influenza.

It is also said that he performs miracles like healing the sick, raising people from the dead and that he can be seen in different parts of the world at once.

The Bishop formed AAC also known the Mwazha Apostolic Sect or Vapostori veAfrica in 1951 and 1957 a voice was reported to have been heard from above saying the name of the church and that time was not there yet as people were worshiping in their respective churches and the Holy Spirit worked wonders and signs and led them into a new dimension of knowing Christ.

Mwazha is said to have received his calling in 1951 when he heard the voice God calling him which he answered in his prayer communicating with the almighty saying ‘Lord I heard your voice calling me’ and in that same prayer he told God that he was ready to preach the word beginning with Africa then the rest of the world.

Mutumwa specifies that in his first encounter with Jesus Christ in 1934 upon his sleep in a divine revelation he saw himself on a rocky mountain and he heard the voice of God and he also saw Jesus sitting inside a rock and it is believed to have happened on the holy mountain of Guvambwa near Sadza Growth Point in Chikomba District in Zimbabwe.

The AAC is one of the largest locally initiated religious movement and is known for its signature chant, “Africa Yedu.”





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