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Peace marches commences in Harare

Zimbabwe Divine Destiny has started its series of peace marches today in Harare.

The peace marches are aimed at conveying a message of peace to all politicians.

As they are conducting the marches, their demands are for the army to withdraw its statement that Route to State House is straight jacketed-Army cannot salute a civilian leader without war credentials and commit itself to respecting people’s choices.


Further demands are that traditional leaders must publicly retract their partisan stance and commit themselves to peoples’ choices and that political parties must act swiftly on party cadres who fan practical violence.


Bishop Ancelimo Magaya mentioned that these peace marches are going to continue until the government and the rest of politicians’ family react to them.


“We want granted safety for the individuals, everyone is his brother’s keeper and no one must feel threatened because of supporting any political party.”


Many people gathered, carrying placards that had different messages written on them like:

“Politics is not greater than God, stop threatening churches.”


“Our army is for the state- not for a political party”


“Political parties! Rein in violent candidates and supporters”


Following the press conference held on the Tuesday the marches are held at the same time that political violence and uncertainty were ripe during the 2008 elections.


Some of the politicians attended this peace march to show their continued support for peace before, during and after the elections.


In the same view, the president yesterday during his meeting with the ruling party members mentioned that he was going to schedule a meeting with all the political party leaders in Zimbabwe so that they may pledge not to propagate any form of political violence  before, during and after the elections.


This is the second march by the  Christian Community in advocating for peaceful and harmonised elections this year.


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