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The wanted man: Godfrey Mutara

Pedophile “Elder” preys in ZAOGA FIF Leicester

Many of us turn to the church to seek guidance, teaching and godly upbringing for our children trusting people we allow custody of our children are not only credible enough to protect our children but are also comprehensive of the biblical ethos and teachings. This code of trust has been broken at the Leicester assembly of the ZAOGA FIF church.

Godfrey Mutara (48), who was chairing Elder of Forward In Faith Ministries, Leicester West Assembly and owner of Victory Care Services has eloped to Zimbabwe after he was allegedly confronted on a count sexually molesting a 12yr old girl (name withheld for legal reasons), now 13yrs old. The victim is also a child of Elders at the same Assembly making this heinous crime extremely disturbing to the church administration and parishioners alike.

When confronted, Mutara boasted of his financial and enormous political influence in the church, challenging the administration they can not kick him out of the Regional Pastor of Leicestershire Region, instead tendering his resignation at hi convenience before hastily making a run for the next available flight to Zimbabwe


“I do not have a recollection of the incident in question, you can not touch me as you have no compelling credible evidence. None of you has the power to remove me from being elder”, boasted Mutara when confronted.

Seemingly a happy married man, Godfrey Mutara & wife Ethel

Seemingly a happy married man, Godfrey Mutara & wife Ethel

It is alleged the incident happened in June at a church meeting when  married Godfrey Mutara who also had leadership jurisdiction over the youth is believed to have coerced his victim and isolated her to his car where he touched her improperly and sexually molested her. The victim mentioned the incident to a vigilant relative in passing conversation who quickly alerted family and the case was raised with the church administration. Not surprising as in many such cases among Zimbabwean community environments, the ZAOGA FIF has so far not recited any disciplinary procedures regarding the matter.

The case has since been reported to Leicestershire Constabulary who are currently investigating the case though is set back by Mutara`s absence as he has currently gone to Zimbabwe. The case has since triggered more under age victims said to have fell to Mutara’s unholy shenanigans.

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