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People react to Government’s fake promises of normalising basic goods

Most Zimbabweans have expressed their frustration over price hikes considering that the Government had promised normality of prices in April.

Two months ago the Government said it was developing a plan for providing affordable and cheaper goods in April but all those were fake promises.

 “We are putting a framework in place where we will be able to assist the public in the access and provision of basic commodities at affordable prices. We want to make this initiative a very successful programme, so we are looking at all angles and strategizing how best the programme can be made operational. So it is work in progress and we will be able to give finer details as the programme becomes clearer,” said Minister of Industry and Commerce Mangaliso Ndlovu.

In an interview with customers at TM Pick n Pay today customers expressed their disappointment towards the Government for failing to fulfil the promise, as they still cannot afford and access cheaper basic commodities.

“Our salaries are already inflated and have been eroded .We cannot afford basic commodities as of now .We are living on the poverty line because we don’t even know how much is the bread basket. The Government should subside should basic commodities so that people access because we cannot afford a balanced diet and our salaries cannot equate with the prices,” said Winnie Tinonetsana.

“I have to find other sources of getting income, I can’t do some savings anymore because I’m now supplementing the salary which was supposed to buy groceries, it’s now hand to mouth,” another customer said

He also urges the government officials like the ruling party to swallow its pride and engage into talks  for the development of the country like what Mugabe used to do during his term.

“Mugabe as influential as he was, he managed to swallow his pride because he noticed that the nation was going nowhere,” he said

The Pick n Pay refused to comment on the issue saying it’s a private property.




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