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Police brutally attack MDC supporters

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has brutally attacked the peaceful MDC members at Morgan Tsvangirai House (Harvest House) in Harare yesterday.

MDC supporters were beaten on their way to Harvest House to listen to the party  president Nelson Chamisa’s speech of the Hope Of The Nation Address (HONA).

Amongst the members who were attacked, an innocent old man was also assaulted outside the Harvest House and was hospitalised together with another woman who was also suffered injury.

Chamisa confirmed that he had visited the two in hospital yesterday, “I’ve just been to hospital to visit innocent citizens, victims of police brutality today. The two Bernad Garapo (66) and Barbra sustained serious and threatening injuries. Why brutalize the elderly and woman like this? All dictators ultimately fall!”

He added,

“Human rights violations and police brutality…It now evident to Africa and all in the world that nothing has changed in Zimbabwe. Our country a banana republic and a pariah state .Messages of hope & love are received with state brute force, terrorism and violence.@CyrilRamaphosa,”



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