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Police misinform family ,that accident survival died.

The accident that claimed six people , including a minor ,while three others were injured following a commuter omnibus which was involved in a head on collision with a South African registered Honda Jazz near Chachacha Business Centre in Shurugwi, has developed into a controversy as police had informed his next of kins that he had died when actually he was admitted at the hospital with minor injuries.

Shingirai Makwara is one of the accident victim whose relatives were contacted by police and were advised that he had passed away .Funeral preparations were at an advanced stage at his village when they travelled to Gweru Provincial Hospital to identify his body only to learn that he was alive and had just been discharged from the hospital.

Although investigations are still underway to establish the facts of the accident ,there are reports that the Honda Jazz had earlier on been warned against speeding .



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