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Of Political Activists and attention seekers

By Peacemaker Zano

It is disheartening that a number of political activists protesting under the banner Tajamuka/Sesjikile have been nonsensically making noise in Africa Unit Square in Harare and Large City Hall in Bulawayo. The protestors have been imprudently claiming that government has failed to arrest the economic challenges that the country is currently facing.

Surely, every Zimbabwean is quite aware of the current economic situation and the efforts that the government is making in trying to mend the economy. This group of protestors should be advised to follow the correct procedures in airing their views or complains rather than inciting people to revolt against the government especially in the streets. Rather than demonstrating, a formal dialogue is necessary to address the underlying problems. Certainly protests will not solve anything.

Instead of making noise in the streets, these Tajamuka/Sesjikile demonstrators should find alternative solutions that support government’s policies in reviving the economy. Protesting without proffering tangible solutions will not take the country anywhere. Most people would agree with me that these demonstrators might be a project of the opposition party, MDC-T which has been in the industry of demonstrations since its inception in politics.

Instead of these frequent protests, the group Tajamuka/Sesjikile should express their feelings through the ballot box.  President Mugabe was voted by the people for him to be leading this nation; hence, he cannot be removed by unconstitutional means. It is known that the opposition has a propensity of using minor groups to try and remove the ruling government from power through such demonstrations. MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai is best known for these mass demonstrations; unfortunately, they do not even bring food on the table of Zimbabweans. 

In as much as peaceful demonstrations are acknowledged in the Constitution, arrests should be made to those who ignore the rules and regulations of demonstrating.  If any case of violence or attempts to disrupt public life and economic activity are noticed, offenders should be arrested without fail. The Zimbabwe Republic Police should not hesitate to apprehend any criminals found guilty of any offence. However, it is pleasing that some of these protestors were arrested in Harare for cases of robbery.

As it stands, people are just forming groups and begin to demonstrate without notifying the security details. The police should be informed of the intended protests in time so that the people demonstrating should also benefit from the protection of the security. Some videos are even circulating on social media where people will be demonstrating and inciting people who will be queuing to withdraw their money. Such kind of provocation must not be tolerated. Surely, is that legal? What message is being sent to the outside world with these people? People should just act responsibly and avoid damaging the reputation of the nation.

Government is putting a number of policy measures as a way of reviving the economy of the nation. These groups of protestors are demonstrating because there are just ignorant of what exactly is taking place on the ground. One of the major problems that have been derailing the growth of the economy is corruption. Government, through Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) is working tirelessly to ensure that it uproots the cancer of corruption that has been eating into fruition of government programmes in most government departments and state enterprises.

 So, there is indeed nothing to demonstrate at. Most of these people are nothing but just seekers attention who wants to cause havoc in our peaceful country. The situation is rightly under control.

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