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Political turncoats tasting sour grapes

By Sibusiso Ndlamini

In their attempt to make new appearances in the opposition politics, most people who were rejected from their former political parties are facing challenges in trying to make their parties visible to the electorate.

To start with People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai  Biti, who recently uttered that opposition party members should not denounce each other. Biti’s sentiments  indicates that all is not well in his party hence seeking relevance from other opposition parties like his former party, Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

When he weaned himself off from the MDC-T most people thought Biti was now a mature and independent politician. But alas, Biti is still the same political spent force who can’t stand by himself. He is actually looking for support from other opposition parties.

Since its formation, Biti’s party has never done anything meaningful and visible that convinces the electorate. Most people in some parts of the country are not even aware that there is an opposition party led by Tendai Biti. People prefer political parties that are always in touch with them. How can Biti expect his party to win elections if it’s not visible on the ground?

Maybe, after a thorough analysis, Biti realized that his little known party will never by any chance compete and succeed against other parties in any future elections. It seems any person who had been expelled or who has quitted from his/her former party believes that forming a political party of his or her own is the solution and only way to survive in the political arena. If we are to trace back at the history of all political rejects in most parties, most of them are now founders of different little known opposition political parties.

From the revolutionary party, former Vice President and leader of Zimbabwe People’s First (ZimPF), Joice Mujuru launched her political party early this year. However, there are lots of misunderstandings among party members of that opposition party. With the little time that has passed since Zim-PF’s formation, nothing good has come out of that party. What we can only hear and read in the media is the internal fighting among members ZimPF. These internal wrangles are dragging the growth of that opposition party. Recently, it was reported that ex-chairperson of war veterans Jabulani Sibanda was dividing that opposition party. Truth be said, there will never be consensus among political turncoats. All of them view issues differently.

Other members are already deserting the party before that party’s congress which is scheduled for a date to be announced in October this year. It was reported that Jim Kunaka has called it quits with Mujuru’s Zim-PF, hence rejoining the revolutionary party; ZANU-PF. Kunaka has seen it in his own eyes that Zim-PF is nothing but just a project which can end anytime.

Another political traitor who was dislodged from the revolutionary party, Temba Mliswa is desperately attempting to form his political party. Mliswa thought that it was wiser to first mobilize youths under his Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (Yard), an advocacy group and later turn the pressure group into a political party. Imprudently quoted in a local daily press Mliswa said, “…And when the parties fail to accommodate the youth, this is not a threat, this is the truth, Yard will turn into a party.”

However, Temba will never be a proper leader who will rightly stand for the rights of the youths and the entire people of Zimbabwe. Youths under Yard must never trust this man. He is like wolf in sheep’s clothing. Remember he is one of the dirty dozen who had a surprising secret alliance with a CIA operative. Backing up a person like Mliswa is a waste of time and pointless. People must not be fooled by Temba.

Also, Elton Mangoma , leader of Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) parted ways with Tendai Biti and decided to form his opposition party. However, people only knew of its formation and nothing else later. It seems this little party is facing challenges for it to politically mature. The same is being experienced by Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Dawn/Khusile (MKD) party. People are only aware of the leader and the party name and nothing more.

It was also a surprise to read an article where Acie Lumumba, former ZANU-PF central committee member and 2013 losing candidate of Hatfield constituency highlighted that he was also in the move to form a political party. Lumumba should be advised that it’s not that easy to form a vibrant political party. Remember for the revolutionary party to be what it is today, it went through a lot. Some brave mothers and fathers had to lose their precious lives in trying to liberate the majority.

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