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Potraz debates on problems it is facing

 Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) today held a consultative workshop on Value Added Services (VAS) framework at Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

Speaking during the workshop, the Acting Director General of POTRAZ said the challenges that they are facing are mainly stem from lack of cooperation and fair play amongst the players in the value chain in particular network service providers who are often accused of restrictive tendencies in the form of service denial and exploitative behaviour.

“There have been several complaints on unjustified denial of access to short codes by content providers. In the current framework, Short Codes are allocated to license Network Operators who are accountable to the authority.

“There is no transparency on the cost basis of the revenue sharing arrangements. There is lack of transparency even in reconciliation of content transactions. In the absence of means of validating transactions and revenue earned, the account provided by the service provider usually prevails due to higher bargaining power.

“No framework for the various players in the value chain that make them accountable for consumer protection especially related to privacy and other legal  liabilities, including dispute resolution mechanisms.VAS providers are not registered or licenced and are only accountable to network service providers.”

POTRAZ was intended to seek public feedback and opinions from stakeholders in the industry in order to come up with a framework that ensures strong sector growth anchored on innovation ,fair,competition,affordability and good quality of services.

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