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Presidium sinks Mthuli Ncube

After a disturbing statement by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, both Vice President Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa have assured Zimbabweans of free Covid-19 vaccination for all.

While adressing the nation the President confirmed that Zimbabwe is set to receive the Covid-19 vaccine which will be introduced soon.

Our overall national response strategy has reached a stage where we can now introduce vaccines as a second front preventive measure. As such, covid-19 vaccines which have been scientifically ascertained to be safe, will soon be introduced. These will be state-funded and free“, he said.

This comes after Professor Mthuli Ncube had allegedly told the public that Covid-19 vaccine would be paid for.

However, he released another statement claiming that his statement had been misunderstood and put in the wrong context.

Meanwhile, the President assured Zimbabweans on its purchase for the vaccines which were recommended as scientifically safe.



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