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Prophet David Owuor in a sh1.5 billion scandal

Joyce Muthoni’s family yesterday accused the Self-proclaimed Prophet of Repentance Holiness Ministry, David Owuor of forcefully snatching her multi-storeyed apartment in Westland , Riverside in Nairobi which is worth around Sh1.5 billion.

The family accused the controversial ‘mightiest prophet’ of continuing to pick pocket millions of shillings f or monthly rentals. According to Muthoni’s sister, Alice, the money was used to finance Owuor’s Ministry. She also said Muthoni was in a prison at her own as she was always surrounded by the church’s security.

“She joined Owuor’s church in 2004 was forced to close down her firm so as to serve the Lord. She was then given some drugs that caused her to have memory loss. After doing that, they would force her to sign huge amount of cash for the church use. She was also forced to appoint someone to be the co-director of Shaba Investment Limited which belonged to her. They took almost every property that belonged to her,” said Muthoni’s sister.

It is alleged that Prophet Owuor moved to her sisters’ palatial home along Riverside and turned it into his private office and nerve centre for his church operations. Her sister also claimed that they also took another property in Westlands and some rooms were turned into bishops’ offices.

“We are finding it very strange, my sister want to reclaim her property. The Ministry blocked us from seeing Jane and sometimes on public functions she would be surrounded by security making it hard for us to make it through to her. She was even kept away from the news of our mothers’ death. They kept her passport, ID and cellphone,” said Alice.

The matter was reported to the police and investigations are still underway.

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