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Prophet Passion Java Names His New Born Son ‘Twabam’

Prophet Passion Java Names His New Born Son ‘Twabam’

Controversial Prophet, Passion Java has named his newborn son Twabam. The outspoken self-proclaimed prophet has attached his popular tag phrase, Twabam, as his newly born son’s name.

Passion Java’s wife Lily gave birth to her fourth son in November.

Java revealed the news in a recent Instagram post and on his Facebook page. Prophet Passion Java went on to task his legion of fans to guess his son’s second name.

“Besides the 1st name Twabam Java, what do you think is my baby boy’s name?”, he wrote on his social media pages.

Here are some of the responses from Facebook and Instagram as his fans came up with some of the most hilarious name suggestions for Prophet Java’s fourth son. However, some implored Prophet Java to name his son accordingly as a child is a gift from God.

“He is so handsomely cute! And, I think he looks like his name should be called, “Baby Elijah Java!”“This little boy should be called Passion Jnr Java.”“We had to think about it and we finally came up with Mapisarema #MapiJava??.”“If it was your own personal doll then I would say name it “Matswibidi” but since the child is from God, just hear from God and name the Child accordingly. That’s the first gift we can give to an innocent little one. Hatidi Kuti azochinja Zita akura uyu mupe rinobva kuna Mwari first time.”” Nyenyenyenye .”“Ginimbaldo”

“Bond Ndokundi Bheina Java”

“For who are saying mwana anonzi Genious Java you’re just trying to insult the late Mbinga boss G this child must be named chamakuvangu or Uncle Epworth Jnr.”

“Call him “Passion” since you like the name considering yours is Panganai.”

“Ginimbi of course.”“Amrio Refkan Java. If that was not then it should be now because I went far to come back with something good for you.”“Kian Java meaning Royal majestic king Or Rian Java: a ruler of people Or Eliphaz Java meaning an Endeavour of God #Passion java.”

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