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Public health staff protest rattles government

Today’s protest by the national public health staff from Parirenyatwa General Hospital and their pickett to the office of the Health Service Board has sent a strong signal that has rattled the government which made an instant u-turn from their position of slashing salaries.

The move has benefitted all civil servants across the board who have seen a 50% salary increase and a non-taxable Covid-19 Allowance of USD$75.00 for actively serving details and USD$30.00 for pensioneers.

While the government reiterates in its declaration presser the allowance will run for three months from June 2020, the development comes as reprieve to the civil servants and pensioneers trying so hard to make ends meet.

It came as poetic justice to the ZRP details who oft come down heavy-handed to protesters with senseless beatings and arrests yet in this circumstane have equally benefitted. Earlier in the day during the healthworkers protest, the police intimidating presence was responded with chants of “sellout” and “you are also affected by this”, as they made way to the HSB offices.

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