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Rains expected to ease off

The Meteorological Services Department (MDS) has advised members of the public that the rains are expected to ease off countrywide from today until Sunday with a light drizzle likely to be experienced in some parts of the country.

In a statement, the MDS said by the end of this week people will be expected to change from wearing warmer clothes to putting on sun hats and umbrellas.

They also added that,”respiratory illness such as flue and colds may also be common during this period. There will be need to exchange warm attire to sun hats and umbrellas towards the end of this week as sunny skies become more predominan.” 

The department said people should ensure that the vulnerable persons like the elderly, children and those who are suffering from different illness are well taken care of so that they will adapt with the changing weather.

Farmers have also been urged to regularly monitor moisture level around crop fields as well as temperatures in poultry farms and hatcheries; and adjust accordingly with the weather changes so as to avoid losing their crops due to these changes.

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