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Ramaphosa Cabinet: Malema reacts

South African opposition leader Julius Malema of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and his supporters has rejected Cyril Ramaphosa’s small cabinet which he announced yesterday.

In a statement Malema criticised Ramamphosa saying his cabinet is an absolute insult to the intelligence of the country.

“The first sign of absolute dishonesty is the idea that he has reduced the cabinet by reducing the number of ministers,yet he increases deputy ministers.The point of the call for the reduction of the cabinet has always been about saving taxpayers money.The objective is not achieved when a number of deputy ministers has been considerably increased whilst reducing the cabinet,” Malema said.

Malema said the cabinet remains a bloated group of people which includes Pravin Gordhan.

“Secondly, the EFF rejects the cabinet for the rewarding of corrupt individuals like Pravin Gordhan who has been found guilty of maladministration and misconduct by the Public Protector.The re-appointment of Gordhan means Ramaphosa has no regard for the remedial action and reports of the Chapter 9 constitutional institution and decisions of the constitutional court.In fact the appointment of Gordhan is irrational and clearly unconstitutional,”

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