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Rattled ZANU-PF Matemadanda scoffs Thabani Mpofu

Defence and War Veterans Welfare Deputy Minister, Cde Victor Matemadanda urges Thabani Mpofu to stop misleading the Movement for Democratic Alliance (MDC-A) members by giving them false hope on court rulings.

At a Press Conference Matemadanda said Thabani Mpofu should be patient because giving people false hopes would incite violence in the country and cause political unrest in the country.

“He is a very energetic courageous lawyer who is very good at driving peoples mind creating unnecessary commotion in Zimbabwe …”

Hon. Matemadanda said it was wrong of Mpofu to give people false hopes when going to court people are not supposed to be given hope because they will not be pleased by outcome .He should be patient before assuring people.

“This is a problem a combination of problem that we are seeing this whole scenario that Thabani Mpofu is very good at giving an impression that he is going when he needs evidence and when he is very aware that he does not have evidence.”

All ZANU-PF  ranks focus of discussing the Chamisa High Court issue with non-law experts opinion.

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