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Troubled wrestler: Rey Mysterio

Re Mysterio dogged with death threats after freaky in-ring tragedy

The wrestling world was shaken to its core this past weekend after the death of Mexican wrestler, Perro Aguayo Jr – real name Pedro Aguayo Ramirez.

The wrestler suffered cervical spine trauma after being whiplashed by the middle rope during a match involving former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio at a CRASH event in Tujuana. The official cause of death was later confirmed as cardiac arrest.


mysterio-threatAlthough the wrestler’s death appears to have been a freak accident, that hasn’t stopped some people seeking to blame Mysterio, with reports today revealing that the ex-WWE star has received death threats over the past 48 hours.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., several serious threats on Rey Mysterio’s life have been made in the aftermath of Aguayo Jr.’s passing. One of which, posted to social media this weekend, shows an image of a man with a gun accompanying a message reportedly threatening to kill the wrestling veteran.

With video evidence and eye witness reports seemingly clearing Mysterio of any wrong doing in the match it seems incredible that people would make such claims at what will clearly be a difficult time for the Mexican Superstar.


Now though it appears that Aguayo received major whiplash as he attempted to land on the ring ropes following Mysterio’s move, and it was this that ultimately caused the spinal injury.

Wrestlers Manik and Extreme Tiger were also involved in the tag team match and it is believed that the timing of Manik’s landing on the ropes seconds before may have contributed to the excessively forceful impact felt by Aguayo Jr.

Rey Mysterio has already moved to pay his respects to the memory of his fellow Mexican wrestler.

The former WWE Superstar took to social media to post the following messages: rey

This translates into English as:

“Just a friendship of brothers that formed began years ago and we should not question the ways of God. But on this occasion I wonder why and I do not understand.”

“I miss you and I will take you with me the rest of my life. Rest in peace Hijo Del Perro.”

The incident has clearly affected Rey Mysterio and, as he deals with the death of one of his close friends, it is shocking to hear that some out there are threatening his own life.

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