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Relationships or Situationships…..?

Have you ever taken a sit and wondered what you have done wrong that makes every relationship you enter always end up in tears.

Maybe what you lack are a few things which in the past you thought where not fundamental for any relationship to last. They say you only need a dose of a good thing to make sure that you keep things going.

Every man may not say it but deep down they desire to be respected by any women they call their own.Respect makes a man feel important although at times you may feel like they are not deserving of it just give it to make him feel important and happy.

Man always feel important , like they are doing the write thing when you praise them or seek for their approval when doing anything.Man have tender egos so they need a constant reminder that they are doing a good thing.

Women connect better through verbal communication and men connect better through sex.men often initiate sex so as to make sure that they are still sexually attractive ,so make sure you make them feel desired.

People often mistaken giving each other space and taking a break from a relationship.man need breathing room in a relationship.We all need time for our hobbies and friends.Be assured that suffocating a man is the quickest way to end any relationship.

You can choose to follow these few tips ,then maybe it can work for relationship. Its all up to you.



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