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Reverend Ndoro dismisses late pastor Dambaza’s wife infidelity

Reverend Craig Ndoro have dismissed amid reports that the late senior pastor Berry Dambaza had walked on his wife pants down with another man at the church premises.

The reverend claims that Sithembeni, the late pastor’s wife was at home and not at church, nursing her mother-in-law who was suffering from a stroke and she died a few hours after the religious leader allegedly committed suicide.

The church’s spokesperson ,Reverend Craig Ndoro said:

Those rumours are entirely and wholly untrue.They are malicious and extremely regrettable.

Yesterday, when this tragic incident happened involving the bishop,his wife was actually at home nursing the bishop’s mother and we have just received terrible news that she has also died.

In short , Bishop Dambaza’s wife of over 30 years was not cheating on him, and no , he did not find her in a compromising position in the office.

We’re not sure who has been generating these rumours and spreading them.They are very hurtful not just to the family but the church as well.

The late pastors wife is reportedly to have suffered from a psychological trauma due to these distressing events of losing her husband in such a tragic incident and her mother-in-law who is the late Pastor Dambaza,s mother at the same time and had to be admitted to a hospital.

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