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Roman Catholic nun killer acquitted

A Mutoko man who murdered a 49-year-old Catholic nun and Hartmann House school teacher while praying at the Holy Cross in Mutoko before dumping her body in a nearby dam has been freed after the High court ruled that the accused was mentally unstable when he committed the crime two years ago.

Enock Potani(22) of Chouriri Village under Chief Mutoko will however be restricted to a special institution to receive medical treatment after justice Erica Ndewere passed a not guilty verdict.

During trial, Potani told the court that he does not remember what transpired on the day in question.

In a medical affidavit, Doctor Patience Maunganidze who is one of the doctors who examined Potani said he (Potani) started showing symptoms of mental disorder in 2013 and medical certificates done at the time of the alleged offence show that he has paranoid delusions, auditory and visual hallucinations.

Dr. Maunganidze also said at the time of the alleged offence Potani was mentally disordered which prevented him from appreciating the wrongfulness of his actions.



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