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Ruvheneko “No makeup and makeup” challenge goes viral

A significant number of people on Social media are taking part in the no makeup and makeup challenge which was started by Radio and Television Talk Show host Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa.

Most of women are experimenting and sharing pictures with and without makeup.

Two days ago Ruvheneko posted a picture and a video without makeup saying, “What we will not have, is men (and some women) insinuating that a woman is “shocking” without makeup. I am comfortable in my skin, all times of the day-maybe not all times of the month-but I am comfortable with or without studio lights; on top of a mountain or otherwise. Ladies, bare it all. Hide nothing. We are every spot, every blemish, every burn, every burn, every insecurity. We are SHOCKING inside and out,” said Parirenyatwa.

International and local celebrities like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, KVG ,Madam boss, Misred ,Butterfly, Sokostina have already posted their pictures.

Parirenyatwa has urged all women to participate in the challenge in order to show the world that women are even more beautiful without makeup and filters.

“Ladies shall we “Shock” things up? Please post your No Make Up Selfie on your timeline! Here’s mine! I saw some people on Twitter have already started a #RuvhenekoChallenge so let’s carry on with that hashtag. Let’s have a bit of naked fun! Why not? Use whichever social media platform you prefer-the hashtag will connect us!,” Parirenyatwa said.

“The world should stop preaching that beauty is behind filters and makeup. So many international celebs have posted No Make Up Selfies, loving themselves in their most natural and vulnerable state. I invite women who are comfortable in their skin, and especially those who are uncomfortable in their skin, to join in on this. It will teach you a lot about yourself! And don’t worry, you can take 20 shots before finding the perfect one! Lol. It’s a girl thing,” she said.

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