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S.A ambassador urges Mnangagwa to consider National dialogue.

South African Ambassador Mphakama Mbete yesterday said the national dialogue should involve the views of all Zimbabweans.

Speaking at the National Dialogue launch ,Mbete said the talks should accommodate every Zimbabwean and everyone should be participating in nation building.

“The national dialogue must be inclusive and participatory and take into account the views of all Zimbabweans…” Mbete said.

SA Ambassodor also said in order to have a credible dialogue Zimbabwe should involve international mediators as well as Southern African Development Community (SADC) representation.

“…if necessary for credibility,the leadership of Zimbabwe  wishes to consider a facilitator outside Zimbabwe, we as a region will be ready to propose names from the African Continent” said Mbete.

“The success of national dialogue will have far reaching implications for the SADC region and beyond,” Mbete said.

Despite being side-lined the Movement for Democratic Change President Nelson Chamisa had previously shared the same sentiments in his thanksgiving Gweru Rally

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