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S.A music legend Johnny Clegg died

South Africa has lost one of its most celebrated musician, songwriter and dancer Jonathan Johnny Clegg. Clegg (66) died on Tuesday 16 2019 at the age of 66 after a long battle of pancreatic cancer.

British- born Clegg was dubbed, “White Zulu” musician and was a vocal critic of the Apartheid regime government which ruled until 1994.

One of his best and Zuluhit ‘Asimbonanga’ was released in 1987 dedicated to the freedom of the late first black South Africa’s President Nelson Mandela ,translated“We have not seen him” .

Youtube video courtesy of @Tenshu50

Clegg was once awarded for his excellent contribution to and achievement in the field of bridging African traditional music with other, music forms, promoting racial understanding among racially divided groups in South Africa under difficult apartheid conditions, working for a non-racial society and being an outstanding spokesperson for the release of political prisoners.

Johnny Clegg attained global prominence with his hit ‘Wosa Friday’

Clegg left a 31 years old wife and two sons.     

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