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Zambia/Moza seal S.A out

In away of responding to the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, there are allegations that truckers from African countries such as Zambia , and Mozambique have warned that South African truck drivers would not be allowed to cross their boarders.

Many have taken to twitter evidence of S.A drivers encountering difficulties in crossing the boarders to neighboring countries with major incidents flaring up in Mozambique and Zambia.

Africa Facts Zone twitter handle reads,

“Mozambicans stopping trucks entering the country and confirming nationalities of drivers before they pass through. South African truckers are being sent back in response to South truck drivers demanding that foreign truck drivers be banned.”

To add on, according to another twitter handle Zenaida Machado shares the following tweet ,

“Early this morning ,people set up barricades and burned tires to stop S.A trucks from entering in Mozambique ,allegedly in retaliation to protests in S.A against foreigners truck drivers.I understand police is on the scene and has now restored order.”

Tension haven’t exactly calmed since Sunday when the South African truck drivers launched a nationwide strike against the employment of foreign drivers.


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