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Sandra Ndebele in a money scandal

Sandra Ndebele  a Zimbabwean female musician and actor popularly known as Sandy  has changed  her goal post  ,now confirming  that the $80 000 bond and $8 330 which was stolen is her money but insists  that she is not a money changer .Mrs Ndebele was once called  by a local paper and slammed the claims that she  was a money changer.

Sandy said that, she had nothing to do with the money that Lindiwe  Moyo had lost after she was offered a lift  from Beitbridge and the car  sped off with the  suitcase containing  the cash leaving her behind. Lindiwe who was subcontracted by Gwemende, another illegal change money changer claims she lost the money while bringing it back to Sandra who wanted it.

We operate in groups and in my last eight months working with her (Sandra),I’m  not  the only  one who has been delivering  the cash to her .I usually tell her who would be bringing it to her. But because the money has been stolen .She blames me alone and demanding that I give her US$1 000 per day and forced me to sign an affidavit to that effect.” claims Gwemende

Sandy refused the claims that were made by Gwemende ,

“I am not an illegal money changer, but I am a musician who doubles as a businesswoman .I am into various businesses which give me cash, so honestly having such a huge amount in my possession cannot be a question,” she said adding that she normally looks for forex when she is preparing for her usual trips to China and Dubai.

Police and CIO has descended on the singer asking her source of the stolen money.

“Now you find the police and the State agents asking me where I got the money instead of investigating the theft of my hard –earned money .I am now left with no option but to approach the civil court for recourse to recover the money.” Sandy alludes.

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