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Senior citizen charged with theft

A supposedly to be respected and honoured senior citizen  of Zimbabwe,Harare  male  aged 64 appeared  before the Harare Magistrate court today on allegations of theft of car parts.

On the 24th of September  2018 at corner  2nd  street and Fife Avenue ,Harare,  Edwin Gwama  the accused   was alleged to have unlawfully and intentionally  took property valued at $400.

It is alleged that the complainant had parked his motor vehicle  ,a  mazda 323  and  left  all the doors locked. The accused  person  who was   armed  with a size 12 spanner  and a screwdriver   proceeded to the  locked car ,and whilst at the car ,forced open  the  motor vehicles bonnet  using  the  spanner ,   removed  the distributor  from the engine and walked away  leaving   the bonnet  partially  closed.

All   this was in the eyes  of a male adult who was parked   next to the complainant’s  motor vehicle who quickly alerted   the complainant  who was in the nearby office, who then checked his car  and realised that  the distributor  was missing . The accused was searched   and was found in  possession  of a   spanner,  screwdriver and the complainant’s distributor.

The stolen distributor  valued  at $400 and all has been  recovered. Edwin Gwama  acted unlawfully and  was denied bail at  Rotten  Row Court because he is a second offender  charged with theft  within a space of  a month ,the other case dated  15 August  2018.

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