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Same sex violence is a crime!

Same Sex Violence – The way that women have become accustomed in nude street-harassing, flogging, burning of private parts to husband snatchers and cheats in Zimbabwean society has become justifiable and authorities are reluctant in intervening  in such domestic cases of violence.

However, this is a much needed conversation on same sex violence, ‘which is abuse’ irrespective of the same gender or the damage done by that person.

Many of these violence’s usually occur during threatened separations and the Zimbabwean legal laws clearly states that in issues of domestic violence the abuser can be prosecuted in a criminal court. The victim is equally entitled to an order of protection that prohibits the abuser from talking or approaching the other woman.

Women abused are silent because they are afraid of retaliation and negative back lashing from people saying they are as guilty as the abuser because they had taken another women’s man to bed. Communities are of the view that second wives or small houses have no right to identity or protest and they perform all forms of punishment like stalking, harrasment and gang beating.

While we fight the infidelity of our husbands and to protect our marriages, we seemingly forget to respect human race and that other women who in most cases is unaware of your marriage or has been lied to.

Both the husband and the lady are at fault but belittling her at every opportunity whilst naked in moments of conflict is never okay. Regardless of what you call it- anger, punishment or a lesson well taught, it’s inhuman.

This act of street harassment and nude parading damages one emotionally, mentally, psychologically that their self-esteem becomes non-existent and  in most cases the victims feel worthless.

So in every confrontation like this, solving infidelity issues by parading another women nude won’t hold your husband from cheating again or the one you have embarrassed.

I am not against discipline but then it shouldn’t be to this extreme. We are under a civil democracy. This infers that we must be civil in how we treat cheating and infidelity.Discipline them if you need but not by this naked humiliation.

Critics’ claim that actions done out of anger can be ruled out as an attempt to eliminate shame and increase dominance and it usually increases violence.Which means that the victim has every right to report and take you to court for assault and defamation of character.

The most shocking thing in these conflicts is that not a single person will reach out in an attempt to cover her nudity. The public behaviour is disappointing as both men and women seem to enjoy these shows.

Gender oppression is real and very illegal.Every “human being” should be repulsed by it nomatter the betrayal. Same sex violence continues to increase everyday in Zimbabwe but the question still remains you may batter the other women, what about your husband?



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