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Shadaya free from Chigumba’s haunting retweet

Tawona Shadaya who has been on a routine remand after retweeting a tweet allegedly written by Zec chairperson Priscilla Chigumba has been set free by Harare Magistrate.

Chigumba has failed to appear twice before the court to testify against Tawona.The state led by Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa had long indicated that it would serve Chigumba with state papers so she could testify in court but she never turned in.

Shadaya’s defence counsel however had put the state on notice as they had promised ,they made their application opposing further postponement and for the matter to be removed  from remand.

“The state has been  making the same excuse as there is no guarantee that the complainant is going to avail herself before court.When the state is ready they should call us and we will be available,”he said.

Shadaya was being represented by Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyer Noble Chinhanu.Shadaya is a free man if there any changes,the state will proceed by way of summons to him .



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