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“Sickening” demo: Striking Drs. demand Parirenyatwa’s daughter

Zimbabwe’s Public Health Doctors staging a strike that has now officially debilitated the health institutions have crossed an ethical line, brandishing a demo placard demanding the hand of Health Minister David Parirenyatwa’s daughter in marriage for $329.00

The Doctors, who are claiming to being paid that amount in salaries, though they would not disclose other incentives, allowances and benefits have been on strike since two weeks ago now seem to be personalising their cause as the government has maintained its position regarding the payments to the doctors.

Ruvheneko, a practising media professional, visibly upset with this development has maintained her silence preferring to keep her head on her job.

“I seriously condemn such low level manner of protest from a sector in our society we highly view of. People must learnt to seperate matters and be ethically and societally sensitive to other human beings with humane respect. We as women in media stand with Ruvheneko, appalled at this attack to a fellow colleague, sister and friend.” Iyati Takaendesa, StarFM Radio personality aired.

“Clearly we still have a long way to go to remove this chauvinistic stigma in men of using women for cheap blows in what would be meant to be a professional argument, they can never understand the cause of women”, she added.

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