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Simba’s 30minutes Highlight Reel: Carl Joshua Tinodavanhu Ncube

ZimOnline News’ Simbarashe Nyanhanga caught up with Zimbabwe’s top funnyman, comedian Carl Joshua Ncube post his successful West African tour. As many Zimbabweans would, there are questions to be answered and much more;


Simba: Who is Carl Joshua Ncube and shortly brief us how you got into Comedy

Carl: I am a second generation stand-up comedian. My father Charles Palmer Ncube (RIP) was a graphics teacher and part time comedian at friends’ weddings etc. I naturally grew up around humour and always assumed my Dad was the only one who could be professionally funny. I studied him though but eventually Tariro Ne Gitare really was the one who gave me my first taste of comedy in 2010 when she asked me to perform at one of her shows. I did it reluctantly but it because something amazing

Simba: Zimbabwe had not seen much breakthrough in stand-up comedy, serve for a few names that only couldn’t make much headlines, where you not intimidated to charter the waters of such industry?

Carl:  I am always afraid, but I had learnt so much from fellow artists that I have worked with in the industry through my work with NAMA, ZIMA, Miss Zimbabwe, Animation industry, that I was able to develop a business model to sustain my comedy career based on 3 variables GET GOOD, GET SEEN, GET PAID

So I set out a 10 year plan and this is the thing that has helped me out so much

Simba: Being the first Zimbabwean Comedian from Zimbabwean to tour the world, what words of advice or encouragement do you have for the local talent in your field or the whole entertainment sector?

Carl:  Well firstly I am not the first one to tour the world (laughs) we have had Edgar Langeveldt, CDE Fatso etc

I think though if I could advise anything it is that Zimbabwe is a very good testing ground, but the priority for our work is to export our culture to the rest of the world. This is not only important in creating markets for ourselves but an opportunity to participate in a greater global culture

We spend too much of our time and effort at home when we can export home to the world.

Simba: Apart from your late father, who is/are other comedian(s) you look up to or have inspired your career?

Carl:  Trevor Noah has inspired me from a work ethic point of view, going into uncharted territory and doing it his way

Michael McIntyre I simply love how the mundane kind of subjects are given life

Chris Rock has the ability to make you think…you laugh your ass off but you definitely take some time to reflect

Kevin Hart is simply a great story teller, he can bring you into his sick and twisted world

Jason and Donovan Goliath are a comedy family to me and inspired me most importantly to create your own work. Not wait for people to find you and to make people laugh while doing it.

Simba: At some point/episode of your career bloom, you seemed at the receiving end of comic jibes from Edgar Langeveldt, was it a stage stunt or real. If real what’s your current reflection of that page in your career book?

Carl:  I don’t have many thoughts about that so called beef. I was young and allowed him to get into my head. It was unfortunate

Simba: Also at some point at the emerging of Carl Joshua Ncube, you staged an Anti-Piracy campaign in Harare. Do you feel today it served the message and how do you feel is the way to address piracy of art in Zimbabwe?

Carl:  Let’s look at it in a few parts. Firstly I did the protest which brought about lots of different opinions. I then used that knowledge to formulate my own career and avoid some pitfalls by local musicians. I have then started doing lectures for any artists that will hear what I have to say about it. You will notice that some artists are still doing the same mistakes while others have embraced a different way of building their brands

Simba: Your job brings in good humour, often with satirical references and connotations to influential figures in the society, needless to say the current highlight-reel with Sir Wicknell Chivayo, some elements within these profiles namely the clergy have protested comic satire, with Pastor Chris serving a staunch warning to the comedians, doe that concern you?

Carl:  Yes it does because it fuels a spirit of intolerance. For example with Wicknell it’s shown how even the public cannot tell when I am simply doing my job or that a public figure is simply taking my job too seriously. People need to understand that the sooner influential people can laugh at themselves the more tolerant a society we can become; hence we don’t go up in arms or fight over every little thing

As it is Zimbabweans at home and Zimbabweans in the diaspora can’t just agree that they are all Zimbabwean in fact people fight over the most ridiculous things online it can’t possibly be good for Zimbabwe

Simba: You have uniquely crafted your personal life to your career, with your real life wife featured in your work schedule, what’s your secret and do you experience challenges with that arrangement?

Carl:  We have agreed what parts of our lives we are prepared to share with the world. Usually things that the press would naturally find out. But we have really intimate private aspects about us that we do not share

Simba: Before I let you go, shed some light to your current schedule and bookings

Carl:  The Far East tour in November just confirmed with finer details to be advised soon (exclusive disclosure).

We will also be focusing on locally setting up full time comedy clubs around Zimbabwe.

Simba: Then, comedian Carl Joshua Ncube gets funny in the kitchen too, multi-talented?

Carl:  Not exactly, just genetics, my father was a graphics teacher and comedian whereas my mother a home economics lecturer. I also love to design, tell jokes, cook and as you may notice, I so love to teach.

Carl Joshua Ncube is contactable on all social media platforms, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat) simply by searching his name.

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