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Slogan chanting politics won’t built Zimbabwe!

Societies cannot progress if certain sections of people are left-out simply because they happen to be from the “wrong”  political party or sex.  The virus of gender and political group based discrimination has undermined the cohesive political, social, and economic fabric of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe political parties lack policy driven politics and are unconscious of the importance of the public opinion in making   public policy.  The basis of power in this country is determined by who has ‘dominant power’  such that speaking openly about general political is feared.

Are the 2018 general elections something to be feared with irrational slogan chanting slogans and rallies  by the youth and officials?   The past election campaigns experiences has left some Zimbabweans disabled, humiliated and some in exile.

ZANUPF, MDC-T, NPP and PDP seem to be fighting a battle of thrones on who has to be the ‘POWER’ in Zimbabwe when they are all sons and daughters of the soil.

The political identity in Zimbabwe paints everyone with a specific paint and anyone who object to the law is quickly labelled deviant, ultra –rebel. Some slogans are insulting and vulgar, for instance, any ZANU-PF rally  chants, Pamberi mberi nemusangano…….pasi nemhandu, pasi nezvimbwasungata, pasi nevatengesi. Ngatibatanei  tikurire mhandu dziri kuda kutengesa nyikakumabhunu, pasi nemhandu!

‘Zimbabwe ndeyeropa …ukarota rimwe bato richitonga Zimbabwe enda  kumusha unobiki doro’, said President Mugabe. How the war veterans declare that Zimbabwe will never be ruled by any other but ZANU-PF shows an ideology  and  biased hegemony that those who didn’t fight the liberation struggle are not  worthy the campaign  and position in their country’s politics.

NPP, Joice Mujuru said, ‘ndakadzingwa mumusangano nekut ndakaramba kuita zvavaida ….. NPP ibato revanhu  tese ngatishandei tose tibvise Zanu pachigaro.’ . Zanu had its faults in governing Zimbabwe, instead of pointing out mistakes it is noble and wise to prove loyalty to the people.

MDC-T youth chairman Happy more Chidziva said,  ‘endai munovaudza kuti gore rino vakarova one munhu we MDC-T, NPP or any opposition tiri kurova vavo twenty’.  Just like a child learns from his parents so do the people from their leaders. The way our political leaders are accustomed to publicly humiliating and disgracing each other publicly has stirred bitter relations to the majority.

I have come to realise these chanting slogans are crafted to annoy and cause hate amongst the civilians whilst they dine and whine together. I wonder if it is the nation they need to serve or it is the SEAT they want?

It is critical that we shape   our slogans in a way which best serves societal interest and foster progressive and inclusive political atmosphere which propels the country forward and not drag it downward.

Zimbabwe’s campaigning strategies are based on political identity values than united realistic ideas where political parties sit down and have an honest based discussion. What the people need is a united nation where different policies and strategies are put into action for our country’s interest not a cat fight.






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