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Something Good out of Covid 19: Inguva Chete

Shall anything good come out of Covid 19 the answer is yes as proven by new talent in the gospel genre Prince Makombe who will be releasing his first gospel album in August.

Despite the challenges that the whole world is facing Prince Makombe will be releasing a new album called “Inguva Chete”. Not all people have seen as a way to be sad but prince has discovered it to be a time to preach the word of God through Music.

In an interview with ZimOnline News Prince highlighted that its by the grace of God that he has been able to write eight songs and recording them because it was a struggle even to write a single song.

“In the previous years writing a song has been difficult but this time I have managed to write 8 songs for the upcoming album. The whole inspiration behind “Inguva Chete” is the word of God and most of the songs are personal life experiences.”

“I am still new in the music industry as I started recording last year all this while I had no courage but started having confidence in 2017 when I was given a task to direct a musical group at the Midlands State University. I have been a person who was passionate about music since grade 5”, He added.  

“Besides music I am an accountant by profession. What I can promise those who are going to hear the album you will be blessed and in the future am looking forward to work and share the stage with some of the big Artist in Zimbabwe.”

The album “Inguva Chete” consist of songs like Nyasha DzaJesu,Nyasha Nengoni, Inguva Chete, Tifambe, Zvikasashamisa Haasi Mwari, Changamire, Psalms 42:1 Senondo and Zvandinoda.

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