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Steward Bank ‘hung’ zipit scam

Steward Bank Zimbabwe Limited whose bank halls are brim-filled with customers jostling to get their querries resolved have been caught pants down with ‘hanging’ zipit transaction scam fiasco.

A zipit transaction of RTGS$3300.00 in favour of a Steward Bank was effected at 13:27 from a Standard Chattered Account under reference 202012070154941 which was confirmed succeful. However there was no confirmation from Steward Bank and all Customer Service numbers throughout the day went unanaswered.

When finally got through to the Bank’s Customer care, a lady named Gracious Mashayamombe checked in the system and accurately acknowledged the transaction together with the precise time the transaction was done. She confirmed also the funds have been credited and reflective in the account.

Moments later, she rang pleading she made a mistake and the funds are not yet reflective at Steward Bank needing the Standard Chattered Bank reference to trace the transaction. This, alarmingly raised immediate questions as she earlier had confirmed the account number, amount and precise time it was effected verifying the funds where now in Steward Bank custody.

Pressed with questions, Ms Mashayamombe made frivolous claims the banks had dual systems and she had made a mistake by confirming from an internal system than the regular customer front-end system and insisted te funds could not be confirmed before she would pretend the line was bad and cut off.

At 21:33Hrs, perhaps noting the issue had got serious, a gentleman by the name Kennedy January called assuming announcing the transaction is now completed nine hours later would make it even. He was advised that the delay in transaction had prejudiced the client over RTGS$800.00 and that transaction was paid for premium as per gazetted fees. January advised he would get a manager to telephone back. In the interest of raising public awareness and bringing the bank to accountability status, the preujudiced client is suing the bank for RTGS$100,000.00 for punitive damages above the repairative damages and cost of suit.

This is an old trick banks have used for decades, fidgiting with clearance times and settlements to offset their dire obligations much to the prejudice of innocent clients.

That would not surprise as the sister financial organisation Ecocash is also in the same habit of creating customer prejudicing querries which are only solved by joining the never-ending qeues and spending days hoping to and fro Econet shops to get the querries solved

Ironically, when you attempt to ring the Customer Services numbers, you are warmly welcome with recorded reassuring voice of professionalism, courteous and customer oriented approach

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  1. Very true, the two entities Steward Bank and Eco-cash have become the equivalent of Zanu Pf in causing us untold suffering.

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