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Tanya Muzinda vows to empower the girl child

Top Zimbabwean female motorcross rider Tanya Muzinda has promised to emancipate the girl child through education. Muzinda said she will work hard so that the girl child can attain education and remove them from poverty.

The number of school dropouts is increasing in Zimbabwe. Girls suffer more families in fear of starvation make their daughters marry much older men, due to the impart of drought,” said Muzinda.

“I made a vow that I will grow wrinkles riding Motorcross so I send every girl to school,” Muzinda said.

Recently Muzinda paid school fees for forty children.

“I have taken a small role in ensuring the girl child has access to education and not left behind from my little savings. I have managed to pay school fees for 4 girls and five boys amongst the 45 are 10 kids in the special class and those are my favourites,”she said.

Muzinda became the first youngest female motocross.

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