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Teachers to go on strike

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) and the Zimbabwe Teachers association have released a joint press statement which they have indicated that it will start on the 5th of February.

The two associations have reviewed their grievances which have led them to their decision to go on an industrial action.

“Having afforded  dialogue with the employer a chance on countless meetings in order to resolve the grievances that were raised by our members including erosion of purchasing power of their salaries and the rise of prices of basic commodities and services;

“Irked by the fact that the government is offering is offering meagre salary adjustment and cushioning allowances which are akin to a slap on the face of our membership as they are addressing the economic challenges faced.”

“Having declared incapacitation on the part of our membership since the opening of schools on the 8Th of January 2019”

“Noting that the dispute is one of interest and has since escalated without final resolution.”

“Realising the need to restore the teachers’ dignity and to enable teachers to be capacitated in every aspect of their lives by obtaining salaries which are meaningful and above the poverty datum line.” 

They have agreed as follows:

That starting from the 5th of February 2019, all our members shall exercise their in terms of section 65 (3) of the constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No 20) act , 2013 by embarking on collective  job strike.

This essentially means our members  will be withdrawing their services/ labour and will not be reporting for duty with effect from the said date.

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