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“Threats and ultimatums will not work”: Doctors

Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association (ZHDA) said threats and ultimatums will not work but salary increment will.

Minister of Health and Child Care Obadiah Moyo last week instructed doctors to report to work on Monday or face disciplinary action, however doctors defied the ultimatum.

Doctors said, “@MoHCCZim, no court outcome will capacitate the doctors in Zimbabwe. What our members need is money to report to work,”

More than 100 doctors yesterday marched at Parirenyatwa Hospital demanding an increase in their pay. They also want to be paid in U.S. dollar because Zimbabwean currency is losing value almost every day.

Doctors said their salary is not enough to purchase basic goods and services, while the government is lifting up fuel price almost every week, which will lead to hike of prices of basic commodities.

Health workers have been on strike for more than a mouth. The strike has allegedly to have been resulted in the missing of their leader Dr Peter Magombeyi who was later found in Nyabira after five days.

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