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TIZ urges the media to fight against corruption

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) has called upon the media as the fourth state to fight against corruption in Zimbabwe through investigative journalism.

TIZ Programme Director Farai Mutongoro has implored the media to become the watch dog of the society in exposing corruption within the state. Mutongoro said the media was the one that could pressurize the community in fighting against corruption.

Addressing the media at a workshop today, Mutongoro said “The role of the media is exposing corruption and making public noise through pressuring the citizens in their news.”

Mutongoro said the media should use any forms to expose corruption in the country such as satire and video skits on social media. For example Boss Kheda and Comic Pastor are exposing corruption through skits.

The media should make use of satire in exposing corruptive deeds by the big wigs everywhere.

TIZ also urged the media to educate and inform about anti-corruption at schools. He said that education will help them stay away or report corruption in the country.

“We should fight corruption as nation, instill the culture of fighting against corruption. China has stiffer penalties in fighting against corruption and we should emulate from them,” said Mutongoro.



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