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TOCKY VYBES, gospel collaboration with Trinity singers

Zimdancehall musician Obey Makaure popularly known as TOCKY VYBES has recently collaborated in gospel song with Trinity Singers in an album that was launched on Saturday in the Capital City.

 The album launch was marked by a very high turnout as people would not wait to hear the beautiful fusion of the gospel and the most celebrated genre among the youths Zimdancehall.

In an interview  with one of the Trinity Singers group leader, Nyasha Gambanga was very pleased to have done a gospel piece with TOCKY VYBES who is very talented especially in the lyrically creation of his songs.

“In a bid to reach all ages and popularity in this year’s project we managed to have a song with one of the best artist in music industry TOCKY VIBES, though he is a Zim dancehall artist we came up with a song called Tererai Mwari which is doing good to our fans we are looking forward to do more collaborations with different artists.”

“As a rising group we face so many challenges in terms of recordings and to gain popularity since we known by church members only and family of those who hire us to sing in events such as funeral, memorial services, parties, etc “

Trinity singers is a group of 12 members started sometime in 2003 and record its first album in 2006 titled JOB. Up to now they managed to record ten ALBUMS and the latest one called DZIMBA DZAKO KUDENGA which they had a song with KUDZI NYAKUDYA called mumwe murume.  In 2017 they had another song called KWASARA KUNESU only to mansion a few

Gospel seems to be taking a new shape as there is now tolerance between the Christians and the circular musicians. Most of gospel musicians have seen it as a good chance to spread the word of God even to those fans of circular music.   

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