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Tout asked to pay $550 maintenance

A Harare woman has dragged her conductor estranged husband to Harare Civil Court for the maintenance of their two children.

Loveness Chirombeka demanded $550 from Wellness Chiitiko for the upkeep of their children and she would like him to be part of his children because she was only maintaining their children alone. Chirombeka also added that Chiitiko used to bring $30 to $40 when we were staying together.

“I would like him to maintain his children before we separated he would come home with $30 to $40.I cannot afford to take of our children with the amount I get which is $150, said Chirombeka.

Wellness Chiitiko disputed with the claims saying he worked as a part time job as conductor or a tout sometimes. The amount Chirombeka said the amount claimed was too much for him because he would get $5 to 10 per week.

“I work as a conductor and a tout and I earn $5 to $10.My friends are the ones who call me for the piece jobs,”said Chiitiko.

Presiding Magistrate Tafadzwa Mhiti ordered Chiitiko to pay $50 per month for the maintenance of the two children and ordered Chirombeka to come for upward variation when she gets evidence for Chiitiko’s earnings.

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