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Tuku’s past life revealed by ex-wife

Melody who is the mother to Selomor Mutukudzi was put on the back burner at Tuku’s funeral and was not given an appropriate platform to speak her mind as she was the late musician’s first wife.

When other close relatives were introduced, her name was not was not there and even the state prepared obituary omitted her.  Also her daughters Sandra and Selmor were mentioned once whilst Daisy’s children were plastered all over.  Sandra was the only one who acknowledged her mother’s presence.

In an interview she said that people were speculating that she was dumped by the late musician yet she was the one who left him after he decided to take a second wife.

“In the past, musicians were regarded as wandering beggars but Tuku was not one of them. That time only white people recognize and appreciate musicians but in our black society it was something else. Tuku told me that his father always chases him away when he tried to rehearse with his homemade guitar.

“I first met Tuku at Mapfumo’s concert in Highfields. I was only 18 and Tuku was the only husband I knew. I thought that he was just an ordinary person but he later told me that he was a musician and “Dzandimomotera” was his hit song but he was not that popular at the time.

“I got married to him when I was 18 and we separated because I was against polygamy. People were saying all sorts of things about me but they were all lies. When I told him that I wanted a divorce he was startled and he locked me in our matrimonial house in Eastlea for about one week.

“I was so angry at him and did not want his help because I was working though he was supportive. I also got to understand that being a musician is a gift from God that’s why I love my son in law, Selmor’s husband and I usually go to their shows to show them my support. I’m here in peace to pay my last respect to the father of my children and nothing more and of course I’m the first lady and nothing will change that. I loved Tuku and he loved me and he died loving me,” she said.

Tuku was laid to rest at his rural home in Madziva where thousands were gathered which includes top government officials and artists among others.



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