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Two siblings kill father over witchcraft allegations

Two siblings from Ngoriwo Village in Mashonaland East Province reportedly attacked their biological father with an exe handle leading to his death after accusing him of practicing witchcraft.

The incident which shocked villagers, under Chief Madziwa, is alleged to have occurred on May 2, 2017 at the deceased, Dais Nyapfere’s homestead.

The suspects, Bashneck and Simbarashe Nyapfere pleaded not guilty to the murder charge when they appeared before High Court judge Justice Erica Ndewere for trial.

In their defence, the two suspects admitted striking both their father and his wife with an axe handle but denied having the intention to kill him considering his advanced age.

The siblings said their father confessed to practicing witchcraft which had killed five other children, and two others who are now mentally deranged.

The State alleges that on the day in question, the two brothers left their homes and proceeded to their father’s residence where the latter was staying with his wife, Rudo Machemedze.

It was reported that the siblings and their father started discussing suspected witchcraft activities that had been haunting their family and later the discussion degenerated into a confrontation.

According to Machemedze, Bashneck asked his father whether or not he had managed to sell his beast and raised some money to enable a prophet to come and conduct a cleansing ceremony at their homestead.

Nyapfere is said to have replied in the negative advising his sons that he had failed to secure a buyer and his answer did not go down well with the siblings who then started attacking their father, indiscriminately in the presence of their step-mother.

Machemedze also said her husband pleaded with his sons to stop attacking him but Simbarashe, then grabbed an axe handle, clubbed his father all-over his body while Bashneck continued to assault him with fists.

The court heard, Machemedze then left the scene screaming in search of help and when she returned with other villagers, the two brothers had disappeared from the scene leaving their father groaning in pain and later he succumbed to the injuries.

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