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Tytan announces breakup with Olinda Chapel

Zimbabwean musician Njabulo Nkomo well known as ‘Tytan’ has broken the internet claiming that his relationship with UK based business woman Olinda Chapel-Nkomo has come to an end after events prevailing this July.

Posting on his instagram handle, Nkomo said they are now splitting with Olinda after their marriage could not workout. Nkomo said he will notify people about the reasons behind the end of their relationship after Investigations have been done.

Tytan also asked people to remember his family in their prayers as they are going through this difficult time.

Recently Olinda Chapel-Nkomo took social media and posted a live video claiming Tytan was cheating with her friend identified as Fungai. Olinda claimed they were now in an open relationship and Tytan could now hunt other ladies.

Olinda and Tytan started their love story after Olinda had a messy breakup with Zimbabwean hip-hop artist Desmond Chiedeme well known as Stunner.

Most Zimbabweans believed Olinda and Tytans marriage would not last since Olinda was six years older than Tytan.

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