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Tytan-Olinda saga gets dramatic

UK based couple socialite Olinda Chapel Nkomo and Tytan ( Njabulo Nkomo) have taken their separation on social media counter claims of assault of violence after the latter had made a statement about their separation.

Olinda posted on her Instagram claiming Tytan needs help since he is claiming he has been abused. Olinda said she had a dispute with Tytan concerning a laptop and claimed Tytan was abusive towards her.

Chapel-Nkomo said social services and social workers were coming in and out of her house. The social personality said Tytan was in UK because he was married to her.

He claims domestic violence while he was the one beating me. He has changed he is not the Tytan I used to know,

Olinda also counter to her usually claiming Tytan was a bad father but recently was claiming he was a good father to their daughter (Nandi Amari Tadiwa Nkomo). Chapel claimed she had taken Nandi to hospital but Tytan did not ask about his daughters health.

The socialite regretted having Nandi since Tytan was not involved in their child’s life while she was still 4 months old.

“You have not done anything for Nandi…I don’t understand when you say you love her when you are putting her mother through these things, ”said Chapel-Nkomo.

The social butterfly claimed Tytan need help and her aunt identified as Nomsa was toxic to him and Tytan might be suffering from depression.

Olinda responded to Tytans post claiming they had separated live on social platforms. Most Zimbabweans believed this marriage it was to good to be true and would not last.

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