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Tytan’s Fanatics reacts to his new music video ‘Pamha’

Most of Tytans fanatics are disappointed by his new music video ‘Pamha’ which is too explicit.

Posting on his facebook handle Tytan posted his new video and people were unhappy with his new video ‘Pamha’ saying it was too explicit because he had young fans who loved his music and it would not be proper to show that kind of graphics.

“Ko banana nderei iro I think your video banana part will be nasty…I have a 10 year old Nephew who actually likes your music and been telling him about your upcoming video ya Pamha but part iroo has scared me away,”

“Who ever advised worked as a pornographer. To explicit,”  

“Uuuummm bvisai banana scene, please it’s just ruins the video,”

Tytan said the new video was inspired by his relationship with wife Olinda Chapel Nkomo which was filled with love and romance

“The video is inspired by my relationship with my wife. We want to tell the world how much we love each other and how it’s supposed to be done, kunyatsonakidza,”

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