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Uebert Angel celebrates wife’s birthday

British Zimbabwean religious leader of Spirit Embassy and The Good News Prophet  Uebert Angel yesterday celebrated his wife’s birthday Beverly Angel. 

The Prophet took the opportunity to announce that he launched the Good News TV through the Good News TV app on google play and apple app store.

“A special FREE GIFT for you on BeBe Angel’s Birthday…we are happy to announce that all of you around the WORLD now have FREE ACCESS to the GOODNEWS TV through the GOODNEWS TV app on GOOGLE PLAY & APPLE APP STORE. Download for FREE NOW and watch the 24hr TV channel NON STOP!!!” said Angel.

In a birthday that he wrote to BeBe Angel appreciated his wife’s love,

“Time and space will fail me if I attempt to write all the way you delight me with each year.As the old preacher wrote of the father above so I write to you this day since also came from the father and are modelled after him: “Could we with ink the ocean fill And were the skies of parchment made We every stock on earth a quil .And every man a scribe by trade .To write your love and your purpose  Bebe would drain the oceans dry .No could the scrollcontain all your beauty .Even is the whole sky was a scroll stretched from sky to sky,”

“Happy birthday babe .With each year you amaze me with your growing patience, unfathomable forgiving spirit, joyous attitude grace and the incomparable modelling of maternity to all the ladies around the world you mentor.You are a rare gift and even though we celebrating your birthday I want to say THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING ME TO BE YOUR MAN,”  he added.

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