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UK Based Zimbabweans Celebrates Heroes Day

UK-based Zimbaweans on Sunday held Heroes Day Celebrations in Coventry through sport and music.

The event which was meant to celebrate the country’s fallen heroes and heroines came a week after the local celebrations which saw a number of entertainers among them Alick Macheso, Leonard Zhakata, Roki, Sandra Ndebele and Iyasa among others performing.

The event was organised by Kudzaishe Chipadza, Salome Eric and Kudzayi Makuku.

The event saw eight teams participating in a soccer tournament dubbed the Zimbabwe Community Shield 2021 which saw winners walking away with 500 pounds.

Chipadza said the event was to bring Zimbabweans in the UK together through music and sport in commemorating the country’s heroes.
“The idea was to bring together people in the UK to celebrate Heroes day through sport and music. King Alfred took care of the entertainment part. He is based here and he was our go to person,” he said.

On the sporting side, legendary goalkeeper Muzondiwa Mugadza was among the figures who witnessed the tournament.

“Eight football teams participated in the Zimbabwe community shield and winners took home the prize money of £500.
“It was a really exciting tournament since most of the teams had not played together in years and everyone wanted to take the trophy home. Teams involved were Manchester Warriors, Liverpool Lions, Living Waters FC, Covaz Bhora, ZimWolves FC, Rotherham, Zim legends
and Swindon/Bristol Select.

“The final was between Liverpool lions and Manchester warriors and the Liverpool side won the cup,” Chipadza said.
The celebrations were also graced by the UK Affirmative Action Group leadership Martin Matandirotya and Ivy Kane.
The Zimbabwean embassy was represented by Felicia Mujaidi from the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority.

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