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United States of America tighten sanctions on Zimbabwe

The President of United States of America, Donald Trump yesterday announced the extension of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by a further year on the basis  that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government have not lived up to the commitment to effecting what his government terms ‘reform.’

In a statement, the Secretary for Information and Publicity Ambasador S.K Moyo said ZANU-PF noted that this development comes hard on heels of another similar decision by European Union (E.U) extending sanctions on Zimbabwe.

“This perpetuation of hostilities by the U.S.A and other like mind countries is unjustifiable, despicable and contemptible, to say the least as it comes against clear efforts by the government of Zimbabwe towards implementation of its National reform agenda including the engagement and re-engagement policy.

“Zimbabwe under the New Dispensation has instituted remarkable Electoral reforms which created a conducive environment for free, fair and credible elections as manifested in July 2018. The country has witnessed the upholding of human rights fundamentals and the liberalization of the media and many other freedoms as enshrined in the National Constitution,” he said.

Moyo also said Trump and his administration should understand that there was no justification for the U.S.A to impose sanctions over a bilateral historical issue between Zimbabwe and Britain.

He added:

“It cannot be correct for American government to infer that recent harmonized elections in Zimbabwe were irregular as they were endorsed by domestic, regional and continental bodies like SADC, the AU and various other international observer missions. The verdict by the Zimbabwe Constitutional Court on the electoral challenge by MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, declaring President E.D Mnangagwa the winner brought the matter to finality,” said Moyo.

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