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University of Zimbabwe refuses plan to serve game meat

The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) has denied the statement that it will offer game meat to returning resident students.

In a statement released on Friday, the institution rejected false information that was circulating on social media which was entitled OFFERING OF GAME MEAT INSTEAD OF BEEF AND/OR CHICKEN.

“The University of Zimbabwe does not feed students on game meat. “The institution has no plans, whatsoever, to do so in the immediate or long term.”

The institution said it has not engaged the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. “The University has never, at any one time, engaged the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority or any Safari operator, for that matter, with a view to sourcing game meat for purposes of feeding students.”

It also said the investigations into the source of these falsehoods are in progress. It is also apologising to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, students and its publics for the inconveniences.

Due to economic hardships that the country is facing which was mostly triggered by the introduction of 2018 Fiscal Policy, the University of Zimbabwe DACS office last semester went on to adjust the student’s menu to an extent of serving boiled eggs for supper to those who do not eat beef.

University of Zimbabwe is the oldest tertiary institution in Zimbabwe that offers degrees, diplomas and certificates on various disciplines such as Agriculture and Law.


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